Who We Are

SAFEFFICIENT offers a unique blend of high experience in workplace health & safety and engineering services in the process safety. This company was formed to fill a critical need among businesses and industries to utilize the expertise trough us.



Offers services to streamline the process safety management program to improve process effectiveness and reliability. Our services cover from the route of selection, from the laboratory to commercial plant scale. Our expertise will benefit the process from R&D, Tech transfer operation, production or any department that requires process safety compliance to ensure the process operates efficiently and safely.

Our goal is to provide practical knowledge in a useful manner to find a real solution for the workplace safety and process safety for our customers. We feel confident to support you in every need in these fields.


speaks the language of today’s work environment. We provide the level of service essential to effectively to meet the demand and complexity of workplace and process safety. We can offer a full range of services from sophisticated project troubleshooting to long-range management consultation.



Give us a call at +1-613-464-0562 or via email at edgarfernandez@pharma-chemicalsafety.com

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

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