Data Analysis in HR Recruitment.

  The recruiting period increased from 28 to 68 days from 2010 to 20161. Why? There is a miscommunication between recruiters and hiring managers. Many organizations are still using the same recruiting techniques since 1934. Resumes are sitting for weeks in the hiring...

Safety Management Programs in the New Era

I want to give a different perspective on how to have a successful safety program or inclusive how to use the concept of safety to impulse or revamp the continuous improvement in your business. As Dan Petersen says in his book “Safety Management-The Human Approach” we...

Quality Risk Assessment

PHARMA-CHEMICAL SAFETY      Helping the industry to Protect people’s lives and reducing incidents drastically using the safefficent methodology.     How and where companies can start implementing the six steps to have the ICH-Q9 and ICH-Q10 comprehensive management...

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