Duty to Know

According to the code of ethics of Professional Engineers in Canada, the first duty is to protect the safety of the public. Therefore, it is paramount to know and understand the content of the OH&S Act and regulation of the province where a P.Eng is practicing the...

Definition of Competent Person

This short post is to help to understand what a competent person means before the eyes of the Minister of Labor in Ontario, Canada. Currently, I noticed that many professional do not know nor understand neither this concept.

Risk Based Process Safety

There are 2 main strategies to succeed in the implementation and management of the Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) Management Program: Provides criteria to design, correct and improve process safety management elements. Review the work activities associated with each...

Why Safety Programs Don’t Fly

Some factors that contribute on why safety programs do not fly in businesses nowadays are: Priority. Many of the safety programs start with "Safety First." These types of approaches generate an orientation to build a safety organization that separates from the...

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