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Helping the industry to Protect people’s lives and reducing incidents drastically using the safefficent methodology.

Warning: if you have the recordable lost time incident rate (RIR) as the only key performance indicator to manage your safety program, you are in trouble!

According to Association of Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada, there have been 232,639 lost time claims and 832 fatalities in the workplace in Canada in the past year.

The industries leading the claims are the manufacturing, health & social services, construction, and retail trade. The manufacturing and construction sectors, both are leading the fatalities claims too.

The national recordable lost time incident rate was 1.51. However, some provinces the rate is above 2.00.

Do you believe that the efforts of the industry have been enough to revert these rates?

As we can see these numbers reflect that our safety strategies are not being effective; and they are still high; one fatality is too much. We cannot tolerate it anymore.

In my 24 years of experience, I have seen the industry have based the effectiveness of their safety program only in one indicator, “The Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR)”.

It is true; this indicator (LTIR) can reflect the state of your safety management system. However, there is a lot of work to do behind scenes to keep this KPI below one.

The next question is:

Do you know there are other KPIs you need to measure to keep your LTIR below 1.00?

As we are aware, to manage and evaluate the effectiveness of supply chain at any organization, top management establishes between five to ten KPIs. These indicators are critical to track results on savings, managing of material and people resources.

The government and industries only rely on the LTIR. Therefore, we do not manage safety according to management principles.

We ask our workers to report hazards: inclusive; we demand them to identify at least one per month, per day, per week depending on the vision of the company or needs of our clients. Therefore, we believe that incidents will decrease because everybody thinks about safety and better “to be safe.” However, we still have high numbers lost time claims or event worst a fatality.

Here is how your company can reduce incidents in the workplace, and see what you can get from our services

We are here to help you to achieve this goal by providing training on different topics of process safety and occupational safety.

One of the aspects of having a successful safety management program is having a strategy training program.

We offer you a free eBook that describes how to set this training plan by taking in count principles of management and adult training.

By getting the book, we will give you a free consulting session on how we can support you in your training program according to your needs.

What do you think your organization or business would look like if actually did all of these? Do you want to find out?

Best Regards

Edgar Fernandez

Safefficient Limited.

Brantford ON, Canada


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