I want to give a different perspective on how to have a successful safety program or inclusive how to use the concept of safety to impulse or revamp the continuous improvement in your business.

As Dan Petersen says in his book “Safety Management-The Human Approach” we do not manage safety as production or supply chain.

We still using the old concepts such as based behavior safety from the perspective of observing our employees what they do right or wrong and find the factors and modify their way to do things in the business instead of based behavior safety as a culture where all decisions are analyzed for the risk perspective. For example, imagine you are a chemical facility that needs to adjust your budget, and during the analysis of the cost reduction, the steering committee, they decided to cut some preventive maintenance programs. The engineering and maintenance manager complained but not the success. The question is, have you as a committee had risk assessed that decision? Cutting those programs could lead to having fires, injuries, or environmental damage.

An expert in ISO compliance told me that ISO 9001:2015 changed drastically. Now on all the critical decisions shall be risk assessed as much as possible not only from the finance and cost, it shall be evaluated from the hazard and risk perspective as well to avoid tragic incidents that will impact quality, environment, and safety to the public.

I am not an expert in ISO. However, I know the standard decently, and I have been responsible for my previous jobs on the implementation and maintenance of it, therefore this a significant change for various industries.

By having this brief introduction, I would like to ask everybody the following:

What is the peak benefit of safety in your organization?

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